Courier Life: April Fool’s Edition

As a beat reporter for Courier Life Publications, Craig McGuire contributed a series of parody-style articles for an April’s Fools Special Edition for various publications covering Brooklyn, including: Kings Courier, Bay Ridge Courier, Park Slope Courier, Green Point Courier, Brooklyn Heights Courier, Williamsburg Courier, Flatbush Life, Canarsie Digest, Brooklyn Graphic, Carroll Cobble Courier, and Greene Clinton Courier.


Nude Sunbathing Coming to Brighton Beach

By Craig McGuire

If you’re in search of the ultimate full-body tan this summer, Brighton Beach is the place for you. Area lawmakers have finally pushed through legislation designating a section of Brighton Beach as a “clothing-optional zone,” more commonly known as a nude beach … (AlSharptonSchool AprilFoolBarStory BizarreBirdAttack Click Here to Read More PedestriansKickedOffOcean)


P.S. 101 Renamed for Al Sharpton

By Craig McGuire

In a move to strengthen racial ties in Brooklyn, Schools Chancellor Ramon Cortines announced an elementary school in Bensonhurst will be named for the Reverend Al Sharpton. At a press conference last week, Cortines declared that P.S. 101, known as the Verrazano School, will be renamed … (Click Here to Read More)


Local Lawmakers Impose a Midnight Curfew on Bay Ridge Bars

By Craig McGuire

As alcohol-related accidents and violence in Bay Ridge increase, local lawmakers may have found an innovative answer to the problem. The City Council has passed a bill imposing a midnight curfew on Friday and Saturday nights for all establishments that serve alcohol within the borders of … (Click Here to Read More)


Bay Ridge Family Suffers Bizarre Bird Attack

By Craig McGuire

In a scene straight out of a Hitchcock classic, a Brooklyn family was recently victimized by a vicious assault in Bay Ridge. Last Saturday at approximately 5:30 PM, on their way to their car after visiting a family member at Victory Memorial Hospital, the MacDonald family was attacked by a flock of birds… (Click Here to Read More)


Pedestrians Kicked Off Ocean Parkway

By Craig McGuire

Residents along Ocean Parkway are planning a massive demonstration to protest a scheduled New York City Department of Transportation project designed to ease traffic congestion along the strip. The major features of the project is the additional of two more lanes of traffic to replace the existing … (Click Here to Read More)



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