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HIV/AIDS Curricula Controversy Resurfaces in District 22

By Craig McGuire

The controversy over the HIV/AIDS curricula reignited last week dominating the monthly general meeting of the District 22 School Board. In front of a packed auditorium of several hundred at P.S. 312, 7103 Avenue T, angered parents association members attacked … (Click Here to Read More)


Next Step in Auto Safety Proves to be a Lifesaver

By Craig McGuire

When this year’s new-model cars appear in dealer showrooms across America, driver and front-seat passenger airbag systems will be federally mandated standard equipment – but Sheepshead Bay resident Howard Weber needs no convincing to use one today. An airbag, he says, saved his daughter’s life … (Click Here to Read More)


Community Banishes Poster Advertisements

By Craig McGuire

/community Board 14 has endorsed a measure by the New York City Department of Sanitation aimed at reducing street litter. In mid-April, Sanitation Commissioner Emily Lloyd announced the implementation of the “Poster Law” (Local Law 111), which prohibits … (Click Here to Read More)


Con Artists Coming Your Way

By Craig McGuire

Summer in Brooklyn is the season for street fairs, days at the beach, and sticky weather. Unfortunately, it is also the season to beware scam artists, especially if you are a senior. According to Detective Charlie Meier of the 63rd Precinct, con artists are stepping up their activity in the Flatlands area, often targeting older residents … (Click Here to Read More)


Cortines Postponing District Restructuring

By Craig McGuire

By announcing that a restructuring of School District 75 would be postponed by one year, New York City Schools Chancellor Ramon Cortines headed off an imminent major protest rally. Outraged at the chancellor’s proposed changes … (Click Here to Read More)


Church Avenue Residents and Merchants Brace of “Dry Days” Ahead

By Craig McGuire

Cooperation from the Department of Environmental Protection is helping the Flatbush community brace for the impending replacement of the water mains along Church Avenue … (Click Here to Read More)


P.S. 235 Secures Funding for 10-Classroom Expansion

By Craig McGuire

They were repeatedly told it could not be done, but the tireless efforts of dedicated parents at one East Flatbush school have moved the Board of Education to action… (Click Here to Read More)


Brooklyn Libraries Facing Rudy’s Budget Axe

By Craig McGuire

Outraged officials from the Brooklyn Public Library system and Borough President Howard Golden are denouncing Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s proposed reduction in funding to Brooklyn libraries. While budget cuts will hit all three of the library systems in New York City, Brooklyn will absorb the largest hit … (Click Here to Read More)


P.S. 139 Parents Go Along for the Ride

By Craig McGuire

Three years after initiating a protest to install parent volunteers on board New York City school buses, parents in Community School District 22 have finally launched the pilot program. On March 7, for the first time in New York City history … (Click Here to Read More)


Flatbush Residents Charge Bd. Of Education With Canarsie Favoritism

By Craig McGuire

Charges of favoritism toward Canarsie at Community School District 18 surfaced again during a recent education forum in East Flatbush. New York City Schools Chancellor Ramon Cortines fielded complaints from East Flatbush residents at … (Click Here to Read More)


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