Tribulations of a People Saver

“Tribulations of a People Saver – The Story of My Father”

Written by Andras Petery. Edited by Craig McGuire


With “Tribulations of a People Saver: The Story of My Father,” author Andras Petery delivers a heart-wrenching, true account of one man’s desperate struggle to survive overwhelming adversity and persecution. Meticulously researched drawing from numerous sources, including the archives of the Hungarian State Security Authority from the Communist era, not accessible until 1999, this work profiles the author’s father, Dr. János Pétery, a successful financial industry expert who persevered through many of the most disastrous human catastrophes of the 20th century.


Most importantly, this work for the first time reveals Dr. Pétery valiant efforts as a covert operative in Budapest during World War II, where he personally saved scores of Jewish children and their families from the Nazis. To date, despite extensive documentation, Dr. Pétery has yet to receive formal recognition for his brave actions during the darkest days of World War II. This work also covers the postwar period, when the author’s family was deported and his father imprisoned unjustly by the communist regime for nearly five years.


This is the story of courage in the face of evil and of the depths of resilience of the human spirit, finally after these many years shedding light on the life of Dr. János Pétery, so that his legacy may finally be restored and he be recognized for his brave actions.