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Battle of the Brands: Apple and Google Rivalry Muscles Into Mobile Market

By Craig McGuire

It may not be Coke vs. Pepsi. But, what was a budding rivalry between Apple and Google bubbling up for  more than a year is now boiling over in a battle in the mobile market. Prior to relatively recent skirmishes, the relationship between Apple and Google could not even be  accurately characterized as dueling fremenies. Competitively ambivalent toward each other for years, the  two technology leviathans were content to lumber around in their own respective market spheres … (Click Here to Read More)


eBook Wars Heat Up: Barnes & Noble Adopts ePub Standard; Aligns With Adobe

By Craig McGuire

In the latest salvo in the escalating eBook wars, Barnes & Noble recently announced it was standardizing on the  open ePub and PDF formats, embedded with “social” digital rights management (DRM) content protection.    With this move, B&N is embracing the cross-platform Adobe solution accepted by nearly 100 providers,  including Sony (announced in August it plans to convert its eBooks to the ePub format by the end of 2009) … (Click Here to Read More)


Eyes Wide Open: Software Vendors Embrace Open Source

By Craig McGuire

Eyeing lower costs and the loyalty of legions of potential users and developers, an increasing number of  software vendors are embracing open source strategies. Along with myriad advantages of making their  code publicly available, vendors still face formidable technical and legal challenges.    open source adoption spiked during the last economic recession (2001-2002), driven by anti- establishment sentiment and the necessity to reduce costs, trends that have re-emerged in the current  downturn … (Click Here to Read More)


SHOWDOWN: Google Voice vs. Skype

By Craig McGuire

News emerged recently that Google is planning a web browser-based application for Google Voice to

Commission, which is looking into This apparent about-face comes in the wake of recent scrutiny from the Federal Communications Apple’s decision citing the application’s duplication of iPhone features.  … (Click Here to Read More)


GOT MOBILE, GET SMART: Smart Phones Driving M-Commerce

By Craig McGuire

Increasing adoption of smart phones is building momentum for suppliers of m-commerce solutions,

Consider that nearly half of the respondents from a recent years handheld devices and mobile phones will be the preferred modes of connecting to the Internet.   poll expressed belief that within five … (Click Here to Read More)